ICOS Cities Talks

ICOS Cities Talks

WHAT? ICOS Cities Talks is a series of 30 minutes online presentations and discussions around topics related to greenhouse gas measurement and climate change in urban landscapes.

On this page:

WHO? Experts representing various fields present a current topic, which is followed by a Q&A session and a discussion. 

WHY? The aim of ICOS Cities Talks is to share knowledge within the ICOS Cities project but also invite students and other professionals to learn about current climate change related topics.

WHERE? The webinars are organised online on Zoom - a link is provided when registering.

WHEN? The talks take place on Wednesdays once or twice per month.

HOW? Check the agenda for more information and register below. The registration link is personal, so please sign up using your own name for each ICOS Cities Talk. 

AGENDA? ICOS Cities Talks is on summer break - the topics and speakers for the fall and winter 2022 will soon be announced. Stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter!