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The ICOS United Kingdom network, ICOS UK, consists of six stations, of which three are ocean stations, two are atmosphere stations and one is an ecosystem station. ICOS UK also co-coordinates the Ocean Thematic Centre of ICOS.

The Atmosphere Observation network of the ICOS UK is designed to allow the entire greenhouse gas budget of the UK to be determined and to quantify the impact of urban landscapes on this budget. The Ecosystem Observation network of ICOS UK is designed to account for the heterogeneity present in UK landscape types and climate, and aims to sample the uptake of carbon by forests, peatlands and grasslands (the major ecotypes with significant impact on natural and anthropogenic greenhouse gas cycling). The Ocean Observation network of ICOS UK is designed to capture both the air-sea ex-changes and the oceanic sinks of greenhouse gases.

ICOS UK is formed by six institutes: Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, National Centre for Atmospheric Science, National Oceanography Centre in Southampton, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, University of Exeter and University of East Anglia.

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ICOS UK Focal Point
Andrew Watson, Professor
University of Exeter
United Kingdom
contact-uk (at) lists.icos-ri.eu
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