ICOS Hungary

Measurement equiptment in Hungarian agricultural site

ICOS Hungary network consists of one Atmosphere Class 2 station, Hegyhátsál. The instrumentation in this station, established in 1993, is mounted on a 117 m tall TV/radio transmitter tower owned by Antenna Hungária Corporation. ICOS Hungary activities are coordinated by the Institute for Nuclear Research (ATOMKI) that has a long tradition on environmental monitoring.

The main goal of ICOS Hungary is to expand the geographical coverage of the ICOS network towards the east. As Hungary is located in the zone of westerlies winds in Europe, adding measurement stations east of the existing ICOS network may significantly reduce the uncertainty of the continental atmospheric budget models.

ICOS Hungary consortium will be developed gradually to involve university departments, the Hungarian Meteorological Service, and other institutions that are active in the field of atmospheric and ecosystem monitoring. In the coming years, two or more Ecosystem stations will also join the Hungarian network.

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ICOS Hungary Focal Point
László Haszpra, Professor & Scientific Advisor
Institute for Nuclear Research (ATOMKI)
haszpra.laszlo (at) atomki.hu
+36 30 454 3309

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