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ICOS Cities Talks

ICOS Cities Talks is a series of 30 minutes online presentations and discussions around topics related to greenhouse gas measurement and climate change in urban landscapes.

ICOS Science Conference 2020

For the first time ICOS Science Conference 2020 was organised entirely virtually – we created a special conference platform to facilitate networking and interaction between the speakers, poster presenters, vendors and participants. With 1040 registered participants from all around the world, and over 200 oral and poster presentations from leading scientists, it was an unmissable event in the climate research calendar!


Watch the videos where ICOS scientists and activists from Fridays for Future have embarked on a discussion to give in-depth information about climate change and the importance of measuring greenhouse gas data.


> Coronavirus and Climate: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Have Fallen - But For How Long? 
> Consumer Choices – Can They Ward off the Impact of Climate Change?
> Arctic – The World’s Refrigerator Turns Hot

#ICOScapes with Konsta Punkka - raising awareness on climate change

ICOS and Konsta Punkka  sharing awareness on climate change through videos and photographs taken at ICOS greenhouse gas measurement stations in 2017–2018.

Videos from 12 ICOS member countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and UK.