Science and impact

In order to understand the greenhouse gases, their sources, transport, sinks, and finally their balance, it is essential to have standardised in situ observations with broad geographical coverage. ICOS provides this observational network throughout Europe, facilitating science and enabling better knowledge for decisions on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

> Climate change

Climate change is one the most crucial challenges mankind is facing. The warming is caused by the constantly rising amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere: the emission sources are mostly human-induced, but also caused by nature’s own processes.

> ICOS contribution to science

ICOS data on is used by scientists who seek to understand the Earth System and by various governmental bodies and international organisations that need science-based and relevant information on greenhouse gases in their decision making, and in efforts to mitigate the consequences of climate change.


> ICOS impact to society

ICOS responds to the international goal of Paris Agreement with establishing global standards for observations as well as open, accessible, and interoperable data in order to ensure optimal services for societies in their efforts to mitigate climate change.

> Education related to ICOS

ICOS and its partner universities and institutes provide education on greenhouse gas science on atmosphere, ecosystems and oceans in several ways. Learn more about the educational opportunities, such as ICOS Jupyter Notebooks for education, Carbon Portal webinar series, recorded workshops and webinars, and the ICOS Summer School.