ICOS Cities Talks: Mapping future emissions based on city climate plans

24 May 2023
ICOS Cities Talks

PLACE: Zoom (register to get the link)

The slides and recording from this talk are currently under embargo. The results and figures presented will be published soon in a peer reviewed journal. Please check back here for updates.

In the meantime, take a look at the deliverable report from ICOS Cities, which
 includes parts of the talk and the climate action plan mapper QGIS plug-in:
An integrated tool capable of mapping future emissions based on city climate plans and urban development plans 

THE TOPIC: What is the impact of climate plans on the spatial distribution of future greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Munich and Paris? This talk presents the results of a comparative analysis of the ICOS Cities pilot cities Munich and Paris, representative for mid-sized and mega-cities in Europe. The findings of this analysis hold great potential for informing the design and implementation of a comprehensive, long-term urban atmospheric monitoring network.

THE SPEAKER: Ivonne Albarus is a junior researcher affiliated with France's renowned Laboratory ofICOS Cities talks Ivonne Albarus Climate and Environmental Sciences (LSCE). Her Ph.D. research focuses on the intersection of urban climate politics and atmospheric monitoring. Ivonne has previously worked in the financial sector as a financial analyst at the Paris stock exchange, advising brokers on investment strategies. She earned a Bachelor's Degree in International Business from Germany and a Master's in Green Economy from the UK, giving her a unique trans-disciplinary experience to face the complex challenges of societies transitioning to a green economy.

ICOS Cities Talks is a new webinar series on greenhouse gas measurement and climate change in urban landscapes. In the series, international experts representing various fields will present a current topic for 30 minutes, followed by a Q&A session and a discussion. Check out all the ICOS Cities talks here!