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The ICOS Czech Republic network comprises one Atmosphere station and three Ecosystem stations. The network conducts long-term research on the greenhouse gases and carbon cycles in the atmosphere and the main Czech ecosystem types: floodplain forest, evergreen needle leaf forest and a wetland. These represent a mosaic of ecosystem types in the Czech Republic. Combining measurements of the atmosphere and ecosystems, the infrastructure enables the effects of land use, climate variability and changes in the territory of the Czech Republic to be determined.

The Atmosphere station Křešín u Pacova is situated in the middle of the Czech Republic and serves as a national monitoring point for both the occurrence and remote transmission of greenhouse gases, selected pollutants and basic meteorological characteristics.

ICOS Czech Republic is hosted and operated by a single institution: CzechGlobe - Global Change Research Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Czech Republic Station Network

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ICOS Czech Republic Focal Point
Jiří Kolman, Scientific Secretary of CzechGlobe
Czech Republic
contact-cz (at) list.icos-ri.eu
+420 511 192 299

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