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Jupyter is a Virtual Research Environment (VRE) incorporating a collection of tools for interactive computing and sharing of computational ideas. In ICOS, Jupyter is utilised in multiple ways. It serves as a collaboration platform between researchers and scientists working with ICOS datasets. It is also used as an information platform for policy makers and the general public. Finally, Jupyter functions as an educational platform for explaining complex climate-related environmental processes based on ICOS datasets.
The Jupyter Notebook is an online based tool that combines data, code, documentation (text, HTML, LaTex, images, video, etc.) and informative static or interactive visualisations of final or partial outputs. It promotes cooperation between users in the same environment. Users may access data, share code, update code, document code, test and re-run code, all in the same environment. Jupyter supports Python and a wide range of other programming languages.
If you are interested in using Jupyter Notebook as an VRE with ICOS data and elaborated products, please send your request to jupyter-info (at) icos-cp.eu .

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