ETC services

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The ETC coordinates and supports the ICOS Ecosystem network through coordination and training activities. It provides technical assistance to ICOS Ecosystem sites and develops and tests new measurement methods and instruments. It also calculates, processes and performs quality control on ICOS Ecosystem data. The ETC develops new methods for data processing and manages the ETC database, web pages and tools.

ETC consists of four main units

Unit 1) The Executive Committee Unit’s main tasks include communication and interaction with the ICOS community and other Central Facilities. The unit also organises annual assessments of ETC operations and plans its medium- and long-term activities.

Unit 2) The Data Unit’s main tasks include NRT data and metadata collection as well as automatic data quality assistance, quality control and processing. The unit shares, distributes and archives data and develops tools for data exploration and validation. This unit also maintains an alert service in case of data problems and inconsistencies.

Unit 3) The Test Unit’s main tasks include the evaluation of new sensors and prototypes and the development of new methods. The unit is responsible for interactions with instrument manufacturers and research centres as well as for proving system management for site validation and parallel measurements.

Unit 4) The Network Unit’s main tasks include providing assistance to the ICOS Ecosystem stations and evaluation of station performances. The unit organises training sessions for site managers and technicians and forms workgroups for protocol development. This unit also analyses soil and vegetation samples and takes care of their storage.


Director ETC: Dario Papale. Email: