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Atmospheric measurements of GHG are also used to validate and reduce uncertainties in climate models. They feed inversion or assimilations data fusion systems to produce GHG budget at regional and global levels. In ICOS, atmospheric measurements are coordinated via the Atmospheric Thematic Centre at LSCE that is composed of a data center and a metrology laboratory. This center is complemented by an in situ station quality control mobile unit based in Finland.

The Metrology Laboratory


The Metrology Laboratory (MLab) as part of the Atmospheric Thematic Center of ICOS. The services include:

Instruments testing
• Test of the GHG instruments for the ICOS Atmospheric Network
• Test report
• Development of meaningful tests (e.g. water vapor correction)

Atmospheric network support
• Establishment of test protocols
• Initial test period for labelling step 2

New sensors
• Development of new sensors through R&D programmes at the national and international level
• Close link with the industry

Training Center
• European training centre for ICOS atmospheric measurements

The Data Unit

The Data Unit is part of the Atmospheric Thematic Center of ICOS. The services include:

Data processing and support
• Supervision, from the raw measurement to the L2 validated product delivered to Carbon Portal, of the whole processing chain
• Develop and maintain all instrument processing chain from instruments in ICOS stations
• Develop and maintain in house software to centrally process and quality control the data from the atmospheric ICOS networks

Data distribution and traceability
• Ensure communication with ICOS Carbon Portal for metadata and data.
• Ensure that data are tracable to the international primary standard for GHG, maintained in NOAA CMDL, Boulder, Colorado, USA

Near Real TIme NRT data product for PIs
• NRT processing of data (24h)
• Distibute via ATC website NRT monitoring products for PIs data and instrumental check

Training Center
- European training centre for ICOS atmospheric measurements and quality control, quality assessment

ICOS ATC Mobile Laboratory

The services include conducting quality control (QC) by parallel measurements at atmospheric stations (AS). Aim is to improve measurement compatibility and development of competent quality assurance (QA) of the ICOS atmospheric station network that ensures credibility of the measurements. Mobile Lab is hosted by the Finnish Meteorological Institute in Helsinki.

The Mobile Lab has a van, which is equipped with state-of the-art analysers and standard gases, which are traceable to World Meteorological Organization Central Calibration Laboratory and ICOS Central Analytical Laboratory. Atmospheric Station visit lasts 1-2 months. During the visit standard gases of the station are cross-checked and parallel monitoring of ambient air are conducted to validate quality of the greenhouse gas monitoring of the station. 


Director ATC: Leonard Rivier. Email: