ICOS observations

The ICOS stations are coordinated and run by the ICOS National Networks in 16 countries. The stations in the National Networks operate in three distinct domains: Atmosphere, Ecosystem and Ocean. Within each domain, a Thematic Centre coordinates the observations and supports the stations. The Central Analytical Laboratories provide gas analyses and calibration gases to stations. ICOS observations are coordinated by the Head Office, and the Carbon Portal is in charge of collecting and distributing ICOS data and derived products.

> Station Network

ICOS Station Network consists of more than 170 measurement stations in three domains located in 16 countries in Europe.

> Atmosphere observations

The network of ICOS atmosphere stations observes greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The data from the stations goes to the Atmosphere Thematic Centre. The Central Analytical Laboratories provide services for additional quality control and extended set of parameters.

> Ecosystem observations

The network of ICOS ecosystem stations observes greenhouse gases, as well as living and non-living components and drivers responsible for the exchange of greenhouse gases, water and energy between ecosystems and the atmosphere. The data from the stations goes to the Ecosystem Thematic Centre.

> Ocean observations

The network of ICOS ocean stations observes surface ocean carbon levels to deliver the data needed to quantify the oceans role in planetary carbon cycling. The data from the stations goes to the Ocean Thematic Centre.

> Carbon Portal

 ICOS Carbon Portal offers free access to high-quality and standardised greenhouse gas data, as well as to scientific and educational products and services. The Carbon Portal is a ‘one-stop shop’ for all ICOS data products.

> Head Office

ICOS Head Office is the organisational hub of the entire ICOS research infrastructure. It manages the observations of the highly distributed ICOS structure.

> National Networks

The basis of ICOS’ operations is the measurement network that comprises more than 170 standardised stations in 16 European countries.

> ICOS Belgium
> ICOS Czech Republic
> ICOS Denmark
> ICOS Finland
> ICOS France
> ICOS Germany
> ICOS Hungary
> ICOS Italy
> ICOS Netherlands
> ICOS Norway
> ICOS Spain
> ICOS Sweden
> ICOS Switzerland
> ICOS United Kingdom

> Projects

We participate in many external projects which in turn help us to be a cutting-edge research infrastructure.

> ICOS-Cities project