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ICOS Ocean Thematic Centre, OTC currently coordinates 22 ocean stations in seven countries, monitoring carbon uptake and fluxes in the North Atlantic and the Nordic, Baltic and Mediterranean Seas. The measurement methods include sampling from research vessels, moorings, buoys and commercial vessels, so called Ships of Opportunity (SOOP). They all have been equipped with state-of-the-art carbonate system sensors.

OTC is coordinated and operated by Norwegian Research Centre (NORCE) and University of Bergen in Norway, and University of Exeter and National Oceanography Centre in the UK.

Structure of the OTC

OTC structure

Executive unit

The Executive Unit is in charge of leadership, coordination of Ocean Thematic Centre, network design and stakeholder liaison. OTC leadership is a shared responsibility between the OTC director and the deputy director.

Labelling unit

 The Labelling Unit is in charge of the station labelling process. The unit’s task is also the development of station labelling reports. The reports include the evaluation of the stations undergoing the labelling procedure.

Data Unit

The Data Unit is in charge of the data collection, availability and quality. The unit tracks the data col-lection, flow, processing, quality and availability for all the stations that are part of the ICOS Ocean network. They ensure the contribution to the relevant global data collections, as well as prompt actions in order to solve potential critical situations.

Training unit

The Training Unit’s task is to optimise and stand-ardise performance of the network instrumentation and calibration. They provide guidance, technical support for installations at individual stations and organise training events for the ICOS Ocean community.

New Technology and Platforms unit

New Technology and Platforms Unit is in charge of new sensors and new platforms. Its task is to invite early adopters as collaborators or partners in future research grants to explore new technologies.

Contact OTC

Dr Richard Sanders
Director, ICOS Ocean Thematic Centre
Allégaten 70, Postboks 7810
5020 Bergen
contact-otc (at) lists.icos-ri.eu