ICOS Cities Talks: Urban eddy-covariance - how, why and where?

03 November 2021
ICOS Cities Talks: Urban eddy-covariance - how, why and where?

TOPIC: Urban eddy-covariance - how, why and where? 
SPEAKER: Kenneth Davis, Pennsylvania State University
VIDEO RECORDING: Watch video here

Urban systems include complex mixtures of anthropogenic and biogenic fluxes of CO2.  Urban vegetation also has a dramatic impact on the urban surface energy balance. In this ICOS Cities Talk, Professor Kenneth Davis will describe the work to improve the representation of ecosystem fluxes in urban systems using eddy covariance flux measurements.

Kenneth Davis is a Professor of Atmospheric and Climate Science at The Pennsylvania State University who studies the earth’s carbon and water cycles.  He specializes in designing and implementing innovative methods for measuring the rates of exchange of trace gases between the earth’s surface and the atmosphere, and integrating these measurements with numerical models of the atmosphere, terrestrial ecosystems and human activity to advance our understanding of the earth’s climate system. 

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