Cooperation tools

Nextcloud – ICOS Fileshare 

ICOS uses a system called NextCloud to store and share files within the community. NextCloud is a safe place to store the ICOS related documents and data. It is possible to store private data as well as share data with other users through a number of data sharing options. The built-in document editor allows you to edit documents (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) simultaneously with other users.

Please register by filling in this form first: > This form is needed to set you access rights, like for example access to the different group disks.

After that you can register at by choosing the register button at the bottom. You will get a welcome email when the registration info has been processed. This can take 1-2 working days.

> Access the ICOS Fileshare

> Further instructions on how to use ICOS Fileshare

ICOS email lists

The ICOS email lists are an easy way to communicate within the ICOS community. Email lists offer both moderated and unmoderated discussions, and possibility to archive and search for messages.

Subscribe to an email list

You can subscribe to one of the ICOS email lists shown at . Please note that not all the ICOS email lists are listed there, as some of the email lists have chosen not to be listed as public. Registration and login to the email lists are needed to make use of all the email list functions (e.g. moderation, edit user preferences).

Unsubscribe from an email list

Users can at any time unsubsribe from an ICOS email list. Login to and select "Filter by Role" and choose "All". You will then see all mailing lists that you have access as member, moderator or owner. Select the list you want to unsubscribe from and click the "Unsubscribe" button.

Create a new email list

The ICOS community members can request a dedicated email list for a project, group or other purposes. Please request for a list at

> Further instructions on how to use ICOS email lists

ICOS Community News

ICOS Community News are internal news aimed at the community members working within the ICOS research infrastcuture.

If you are interested in receiving the community news within the monthly ICOS Newsletter, please send your request to icos-comms (at)

Onboarding material for new station PIs

Here you will find essential onboarding resources tailored for new members, including Principal Investigators (PIs) of stations and Focal Points (FPs) representing ICOS member countries. The materials include a PDF document and a series of informative webinars, designed to ensure a smooth transition into our network.

You'll find the agenda for the webinars in the materials, along with links and necessary passcodes.

ICOS templates

Please note that the templates are available only for the registered users of the Nextcloud – ICOS Fileshare system.

> Download the ICOS Word template here (path: ICOS RI groupdisk >Communications > Logos, templates, graphic guidelines)

> Download the ICOS PowerPoint template here (path: same as above)