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Head Office

Visiting address: ICOS ERIC Head Office, Erik Palménin aukio 1, FI-00560 Helsinki, FINLAND

E-mail: info (at) icos-ri.eu



werner kutsch
ICOS ERIC Director General
Werner Kutsch
Inka hellä
Executive Assistant
Inka Hellä
+358 50 352 3299
Photo of Emilie Hachem
EU Project Assistant
Emilie Hachem
+358 41 757 5959
A photo of Theresia Bilola
KADI project manager
Theresia Bilola
+358 505530550


Picture of Tommi Pesonen
Junior Controller
Tommi Pesonen
+358 40 865 4639
anne Malm
Head of Administration
Anne Malm
+358 50 501 8421


Elena Saltikoff
Head of Operations
Elena Saltikoff
PhD (Meteorology)
  • Operations unit management
  • Support & development of everyday operations of ICOS internal bodies
  • Services for the scientific use of ICOS data
  • First contact for EU project proposals
+358 50 593 3791
Ville Kasurinen
Data Analyst
Ville Kasurinen
PhD (Forest Ecology)
  • E-shape project: coordination of Global Carbon and GHG Emissions pilot
  • HO contact for elaborated data products development
+358 50 404 5468
Science Integration Officer
Sindu Raj Parampil
PhD (Atmosphere & Ocean Science)
  • Facilitation of the initiatives of the ICOS academic community
  • CoCO2 project: work package 7.3
  • Supporting the work of the ICOS Scientific Advisory Board
+358 50 350 7012
Evi riikonen
Operations Officer
Evi-Carita Riikonen
PhD (Human Geography), eMBA (RI management)
  • RI operational and governance development
  • Community engagement
  • Projects related to RI management and training e.g. ERIC Forum, RItrainPlus
+358 50 448 8787
Photograph of Janne Rintala
Science Officer, Operations
Janne-Markus Rintala
PhD (Marine Biology) & Adjunct Prof. (Aquatic Sciences)
  • Ocean observations' technological and scientific research & development
  • ICOS Science Conference
+358 50 541 3745
Photograph of Maiju Tiiri.
Observation Network Officer
Maiju Tiiri
MSc (Biology, Environmental Ecology)
  • Coordination of the ICOS station network (new stations, station cooperation agreements, onboarding)
  • ICOS Science Conference
+358 50 543 3673
Liisa Ikonen
Project Officer
Liisa Ikonen
MSc (Environmental Science)
  • ICOS Cities project
  • ICOS evaluations and monitorings
  • Stakeholder cooperation
+358 50 543 6774

Strategy and International Cooperation

emmanuel salmon
Head of Strategy & International Cooperation
Emmanuel Salmon
PhD (Physical Chemistry of Polymers)
  • Integration of new countries into ICOS ERIC
  • Liaison with European (ENVRI Community) and global cooperation frameworks e.g. UNFCCC, GEO, GERI
  • Projects with relevance for international cooperation e.g. VERIFY, CoCO2
+358 50 428 8166


Email: icos-comms (at) icos-ri.eu


Katri Ahlgren
Head of Communications
Katri Ahlgren
+358 40 350 2557
Charlotta Henry
Communications Specialist
Charlotta Henry
MPS (Communications & Journalism)
  • ICOS Cities project communications (PAUL)
  • #ExploreICOS station video & photo project
+358 50 543 6772
Communications Specialist
Laurent Chmiel
  • ENVRI community communications
  • ICOS communications
+358 505 120 210
Karlina Ozolina
Communications Specialist
Karlina Ozolina
MRes (Environmental Physiology)
  • Social media & website content development
  • ICOS Science Conference communications
  • ENVRI community communications
+358 50 505 6133
Picture of a young woman looking at the camera with a positive expression
Communications Specialist
Maria Luhtaniemi
MSocSc (Urban Studies)
  • Social media, newsletters & website content development
  • ERIC Forum project: online toolkit development
  • RItrainPlus project communications
+358 50 324 9900

Carbon Portal

Alex portrait
Director of Carbon Portal
Alex Vermeulen
MSc Environmental Sciences (Air Quality & Meteorology)
  • Leading the ICOS Carbon Portal
  • Member of the ICOS RI-Committee
  • Chair of WMO GAW Scientific Advisory Group on Greenhouse Gases
+46 46 222 9298
Harry Lankreijer
Management and science
Harry Lankreijer
+46 46 222 4967
Anders Dahlner protrait
Senior scientist/product developer
Anders Dahlner
  • Elaborated products
  • Jupyter notebooks
+46 46 222 86 96
Maggie Hellström
Maggie Hellström
+46 46 222 9683
Wouter Peters
Carbon Portal PI, Netherlands
Wouter Peters
Ute Karstens
Science, Elaborated products
Ute Karstens
+46 46 222 9596
Claudio D'Onofrio
Project Manager ICOS Cities (PAUL)
Claudio D'Onofrio
MSc Human Computer Interaction, EngD Engineering Doctorate
  • Data Science
  • Jupyter Hub & Python development
  • European Projects: ENVRI-FAIR, CoCO2
+46 46 222 8696
André Bjärby
Oleg Mirzov
System Architect
Oleg Mirzov
PhD (Chemical Physics)
  • Lead Developer, core data/metadata services
+46 46 222 9173
Jonathan Thiry portrait
Software developer
Jonathan Thiry
Portrait of Klara Broman
Klara Broman
  • Development of the metadata and data services
Portrait photo of Arndt Meier
Scientific engineer
Arndt Meier
  • eDICE inversion demonstrator
Portrait of Angeliki Adamaki
Project Manager
Angeliki Adamaki
  • ENVRI-FAIR, EOSC Future and other EU projects
  • Open Science, FAIR Data and Services, Data Management
Ida Storm
Research assistant
Ida Storm
Zhendong Wu portrait
Zhendong Wu
+46 46 222 1731
Scientist, Remote Sensing specialist
Zheng Duan
Portrait of Remco de Kok
Remco de Kok
  • Elaborated products
Portrait of Jonathan Schenk
Jonathan Schenk
  • Development of the metadata and data services
Portrait of Zois Zogopoulos
Junior programmer
Zois Zogopoulos
  • Developing the jupyter notebooks
  • User and service administration
Portrait of Marko Scholze as a young scientist
Scientific advisor
Marko Scholze

Atmosphere Thematic Centre

ATC Director
Leonard Rivier
Michel Ramonet
Picture of Hermanni Aaltonen
Senior Researcher, Group Leader, ATC Mobile Lab Unit
Hermanni Aaltonen

Ecosystem Thematic Centre

ETC Director
Dario Papale
+39 0761 357044
ETC Executive Committee member - Data Unit, Network Unit
Bert Gielen
+32 3 265 2363
Benjamin pic
Coordination of ETC soil and plant analysis
Benjamin Loubet
+33 1 30 81 5533

Ocean Thematic Centre

OTC Director
Richard Sanders

Central Analytical Laboratories

Armin Jordan
Head, ICOS Flask and Calibration Laboratory
Armin Jordan
Samuel Hammer
Head, Central Radiocarbon Laboratory
Samuel Hammer
Fadwa Damak
+49 364 1310 7531
FCL Stable isotopes analysis
Markus Eritt
FCL Database & Web Application
Olaf Till