ICOS in scientific publications

Number of ICOS publications per year
Citations per year

Please note that publications for a certain year often only are published in the following year, with a delay of half a year or even longer. And citations of the publications again have a delay of at least one year before then the next paper is written, edited, reviewed and published. Therefore one can expect that publication and citation counts still increase from year to year, but also appear to fall in the latest one to two years. If downward trends exist we will have to wait at least one or two years before they become really apparent.

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ICOS related publications are publications that used ICOS data or knowledge based on ICOS data, or is based on science that is relevant for ICOS and to which persons from the large ICOS community have contributed.

This list is updated only a few times per year. Last update: 15 March 2024.

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