National Networks' contacts

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ICOS Belgium Focal Point
Ivan Janssens
Professor, Plants and Ecosystems (PLECO), University of Antwerp
+32 3 265 2255
ICOS Czech Republic Focal Point
Jiří Kolman
Scientific Secretary, CzechGlobe
+420 511 192 299
ICOS Denmark Focal Point
Thomas Friborg
Professor, University of Copenhagen
+45 4525 2158
ICOS Greece Focal Point
Ioannis Gitas
Professor, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
ICOS Finland Focal Point
Annalea Lohila
Associate Professor, Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research, University of Helsinki and Finnish Meteorological Institute
+358 50 366 3242
ICOS France Focal Point
Leonard Rivier
+33 678 197 399
ICOS Germany Focal Point
Christian Brümmer
Senior Researcher, Thünen Institute of Climate-Smart Agriculture
+49 531 596 2614
ICOS Hungary Focal Point
László Haszpra
Scientific Advisor, Institute for Nuclear Research (ATOMKI)
+36 30 454 3309
ICOS Ireland Focal Point
Frank McGovern
Chief Climate Scientist, Environmental Protection Agency
ICOS Italy Focal Point
Carlo Calfapietra
Director, Institute of Research on Terrestrial Ecosystems, National Research Council
+39 763 374929
ICOS Netherlands Focal Point
Paula Bronveld
Cluster manager, Climate and Air quality
+31 611497094
ICOS Norway Focal Point
Stephen Platt
Senior Researcher, Norwegian Institute for Air Research
+47 63 89 8133
ICOS Sweden Focal Point
Jutta Holst
Researcher, Lund University
ICOS Switzerland Focal Point
Nina Buchmann
Professor, ETH Zürich
+41 44 632 3959
ICOS United Kingdom Focal Point
Andrew Watson
Professor, University of Exeter
+44 1392 7237 92