National Networks' contacts

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ICOS Belgium Focal Point
Ivan Janssens
Professor, Plants and Ecosystems (PLECO), University of Antwerp
+32 3 265 2255
ICOS Czech Republic Focal Point
Jiří Kolman
Scientific Secretary, CzechGlobe
+420 511 192 299
ICOS Denmark Focal Point
Thomas Friborg
Professor, University of Copenhagen
+45 4525 2158
ICOS Finland Focal Point
Annalea Lohila
Associate Professor, Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research, University of Helsinki and Finnish Meteorological Institute
+358 50 366 3242
ICOS Greece Focal Point
Ioannis Gitas
Professor, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
ICOS France Focal Point
Leonard Rivier
+33 678 197 399
ICOS Germany Focal Point
Christian Brümmer
Senior Researcher, Thünen Institute of Climate-Smart Agriculture
+49 531 596 2614
ICOS Hungary Focal Point
László Haszpra
Scientific Advisor, Institute for Nuclear Research (ATOMKI)
+36 30 454 3309
ICOS Italy Focal Point
Carlo Calfapietra
Director, Institute of Research on Terrestrial Ecosystems, National Research Council
+39 763 374929
ICOS Netherlands Focal Point
Paula Bronveld
Cluster manager, Climate and Air quality
+31 611497094
ICOS Ireland Focal Point
Frank McGovern
Chief Climate Scientist, Environmental Protection Agency
ICOS Norway Focal Point
Stephen Platt
Senior Researcher, Norwegian Institute for Air Research
+47 63 89 8133
ICOS Sweden Focal Point
Jutta Holst
Researcher, Lund University
ICOS Switzerland Focal Point
Nina Buchmann
Professor, ETH Zürich
+41 44 632 3959
ICOS United Kingdom Focal Point
Andrew Watson
Professor, University of Exeter
+44 1392 7237 92