Exploring innovation in climate governance: Opportunities and challenges through service ideation

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Keynote speeches at 9.30-11 am CET 
Panel discussion at 3.15-4 pm CETICOS Cities talks

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This ICOS Cities talk features keynote speeches and a panel discussion, delving into the realm of climate governance, analysing both the potential avenues for innovation and the obstacles they present through the lens of service ideation. By scrutinising various service-oriented approaches, this exploration seeks to uncover novel strategies for addressing climate change on a governance level, navigating the intricate landscape of challenges and opportunities that arise.

Keynote speeches at 9.30 am CET

Talk 1: Cities in EU multilevel climate governance Kristine Kern
THE TOPIC: Reaching ambitious greenhouse gas emission reduction goals at national and EU levels requires local action. Thus, the importance of cities for climate governance has been recognised by the EU and its member states. This keynote discusses, first, the integration of local climate action in EU multilevel governance. Second, it provides an overview on the changing EU-city relations from the emergence of transnational city networks in the early 1990s (such as ICLEI, Energy Cities, and the Climate Alliance) to the introduction of the EU Covenant of Mayors and the ‘EU Mission climate-neutral and smart cities”. Third, this talk focuses on the dynamics between forerunner and laggard cities.

THE SPEAKER: Professor Kristine Kern at the Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space in Erkner, Germany, is also affiliated to Åbo Akademi University in Turku, Finland. Her research concentrates on environmental governance, climate governance, and sustainability transformations in multi-level systems, including transnational governance of cities and regions.

Talk 2: Service ideation for climate policy challenges

THE TOPIC: The talk will highlight a recent case of addressing just energy transitions in Finland by envisioning a future service that informs data producers, legislators, and policymakers at all levels of public administration. The case serves as an example to demonstrate the value of adopting an iterative design approach in policymaking with cross-sectoral teams and an experimentation mindset.Núria Solsona Caba

THE SPEAKER: Núria Solsona Caba is a University lecturer at the Aalto University (ARTS), Department of Design. At Aalto, Núria teaches the practice of design in policy-making, service development, and service innovation in real-life projects in collaboration with commercial and non-commercial partners. Previously, she worked in the UK and Finland as a service design consultant, helping international organisations across industries develop internal customer-centred capabilities for (digital) service development. 

Panel discussion at 15.15 pm CET: Data in policy making

THE TOPIC: The panel discussion brings together a diverse array of experts and local leaders to delve into the crucial role of data in shaping effective climate governance strategies. Through insightful dialogue and shared experiences, participants explore practical steps and best practices for integrating data-driven approaches into policymaking processes, aiming to enhance decision-making and bolster resilience against climate challenges. This discussion serves as a platform for collaborative learning and knowledge exchange, fostering innovative solutions and greater synergy between data and policy in the fight against climate change.

THE PANELISTS: A panel of experts and local leaders discuss practical steps to implement data within climate governance: Kristine Kern (Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space, Germany), Miranda Schreurs (Bavarian School of Public Policy, Technical University of Munich) and Rene Estermann (City of Zurich).


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