Elaborated Products

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What are elaborated products?

Elaborated Products are data products or services contributed by the wider community of users of ICOS. Elaborated products include or build upon ICOS data or services offered by ICOS. ICOS ERIC assists everyone that wants to publish ICOS related elaborated products through the Carbon Portal. 

Some of the following elaborated data products that already are being offered are:

Some of the elaborated data services that are already being offered:

  • Jupyter notebooks for collaborative work on data
  • Explorative Jupyter notebooks for anonymous use
  • Our python library for access to ICOS data (including elaborated data products)
  • The STILT footprint generation and viewer tools

How can we be of help to you?

We offer help in publishing your elaborated data (set) through ICOS Carbon Portal, by assisting in the generation of the required persistent identifiers, collections when necessary, minting DOI identifiers and generating the necessary metadata, curation of the data and the correct formatting of data according to the community standards. As we hope to soon be a CoreTrustSeal certified repository we strive to offer you an open, accesible, easily findable and safe and trustable long term storage location for your data.

Please use our feedback form if you have questions, suggestions or ideas for elaborated products.