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The ICOS Norway network consists of four Ocean stations, two Atmosphere stations and one Ecosystem station. ICOS Norway has a particularly strong ocean focus since it operates four out of the 21 permanent ocean stations and hosts the Ocean Thematic Centre (OTC).

ICOS Norway has an important role at the Arctic. ICOS Norway measures the atmospheric greenhouse gases in the Zeppelin station in Svalbard as well as observes the long-range transport of air pollutants and greenhouse gases to the region. The Ecosystem station in the southern Norway observe the exchange and the uptake of carbon by the boreal forests.

ICOS Norway network is formed by seven institutes: University of Bergen, UNI Research, Norwegian Institute for Air Research, Norwegian Institute of  Bioeconomy Research, Centre for International Climate and Environmental Research, Institute for Marine Research and Norwegian Polar Institute.

Norway Station Network

ICOS Norway stations in the map. Hover over the stations and the ship lines for more details.

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ICOS Norway Focal Point
Stephen Matthew Platt, Senior Scientist
Norwegian Institute for Air Research, NILU
contact-norway (at) lists.icos-ri.eu
+47 63 89 80 42

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