ICOS Cities Talks: The European drought of 2022 through the eyes of the biosphere

07 December 2022
ICOS Cities Talks drought
TIME: WEDNESDAY 7 December 2022 AT 9 AM CET

The summer of 2022 was extremely dry in Europe. This affected plant functioning and reduced the ability of plants to take up CO. Using CTE-HR, a new model that allows for rapid estimation of European CO fluxes at high resolution, the speaker Auke van der Woude, will quantify this drought response. Additionally, he will discuss this response from a mechanistic viewpoint.

Auke van der Woude is a PhD student in a joint programme at the University of Groningen and Wageningen University. By combining different sources of data with atmospheric observations, he aims to enhance our knowledge of European carbon exchange.

ICOS Cities Talks is a new webinar series on greenhouse gas measurement and climate change in urban landscapes. In the series, international experts representing various fields will present a current topic for 30 minutes, followed by a Q&A session and a discussion. Check out all the ICOS Cities talks here!