ICOS Atmosphere Thematic Centre

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The ICOS Atmosphere observations are coordinated by the Atmosphere Thematic Centre (ATC) in close cooperation with the Atmosphere Monitoring Station Assembly and Central Analytical Laboratories (CAL). The ATC is composed of a data centre and a metrology lab and is complemented by an in situ station quality-control mobile lab.

The ATC is coordinated and operated by the French Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l´Environ-nement, supported by the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

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Structure of the ATC

The ATC consists of three units: a metrology laboratry, a data centre and a mobile laboratory.

ATC structure

Metrology lab

The ATC metrology lab carries out regular measurement technology surveys, tests and analyses for the greenhouse gas and isotope instruments of tomorrow. It facilitates the development of new sensors through research and development programmes at the national and international levels. It is the central labelling and training centre for ICOS atmospheric measurements, and it coordinates the development of atmospheric measurement protocols.

Data centre

The ATC data centre develops and maintains in-house software to centrally process and quality control the data from ICOS Atmosphere stations. It provides near-real-time data products and other data products for Principal Investigators.

Mobile lab

The main task of the ATC mobile lab is to conduct quality control by parallel measurements at the Atmosphere stations. Its aim is to improve measurement compatibility and the development of competent quality assurance in the ICOS Atmosphere station network that ensures the credibility of the measurements. The mobile lab is hosted by the Finnish Meteorological Institute in Helsinki, Finland.

The mobile lab operates a van equipped with state-of the-art analysers and standard gases, which are traceable to the WMO Central Calibration Laboratory and the ICOS CAL. Atmosphere station visits lasts for 1−2 months. During the visit, the standard gases of the station are cross-checked, and parallel monitoring of ambient air is conducted to validate the quality of the greenhouse gas monitoring of the station.

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Dr Leonard Rivier
Director, ICOS Atmosphere Thematic Centre
LSCE-Orme, point courrier 129,
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