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The ICOS Finland network consists of 13 stations, of which nine are ecosystem and four atmosphere stations. The stations are located in boreal and subarctic Eurasian environments where the climate undergoes a transition from marine to continental.

ICOS Finland measures greenhouse gases over forests, peatlands, lakes and urban surfaces. The data on carbon dioxide, methane and water vapour provided by ICOS Finland are among the most utilised and longest-running within the biogeochemistry research community.

ICOS Finland network is formed by University of Helsinki (coordination), Finnish Meteorological Institute and University of Eastern Finland. The ICOS Head Office, which coordinates the operations of the whole ICOS research infrastructure, is also located in Finland.

Contact ICOS Finland

ICOS Finland Focal Point
Annalea Lohila, Associate Professor
Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR),
University of Helsinki and Finnish Meteorological Institute
contact-finland (at) lists.icos-ri.eu
+358 50 366 3242