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The Head Office (HO) is the organisational hub of the entire ICOS RI. It supports and connects all constitutional bodies of ICOS European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ICOS ERIC). The Head Office prepares the meetings of the overall governing body, the General Assembly (GA), and implements its decisions. The Head Office is led by the Director General (DG). 

Head Office promotes network extension to new countries in cooperation with the ICOS Central Facilities and National Networks. It also supports the scientific and technological developments in ICOS network and facilitates the outreach, training, and mobility of participants.

Head Office manages the legal entity of ICOS European Research Infrastructure Consortium, ICOS ERIC, created by the European Union. It is located in Helsinki, Finland.

Head Office consists of six units: Director General, Administration, Operations, Strategy and International Cooperation, and Communications.

Contact Head Office

ICOS ERIC Head Office
Erik Palménin aukio 1
00560 Helsinki
info (at) icos-ri.eu