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26 Jan 2016

On the last of July the ObsPack data product GLOBALVIEWplus V1.0 has been released. It has been prepared by Ken Masarie (NOAA) and Ingrid van der Laan-Luijkx (ICOS Carbon Portal/Wageningen…

6 May 2015

The Finnish Government approved on Thursday, 2nd April, for Finland to send to the European Commission the formal request to set up ICOS ERIC

The application has been sent to the Director…

30 Apr 2015

ICOS RI representatives used this opportunity to present ENVRIplus project which will be launched in May

This year's European Geosciences Union General Assembly has been held in Vienna…

27 Apr 2015

Workshop highlighted the importance of Model-Data Fusion in providing high-quality information on atmospheric greenhouse gases to society in general and specifically to decision makers.

25 Apr 2015

H2020 project "Environmental Research Infrastructures providing shared solutions for science and society" is funded by the European Commission for the next four years

This H2020 project…