Carbon Portal's Oleg Mirzov presented at FooCafe

27 April 2018
Oleg Mirzov at FooCafe

Last week, ICOS Carbon Portal system architect Oleg Mirzov presented how "Ontologies (are) helping to keep global warming in check" in an after-work seminar at the FooCafe in Malmö. Oleg introduced the audience to the concept of ontologies as formalized descriptions of knowledge and illustrated their application in management of environmental research data at the ICOS Carbon Portal.

After the presentation, there was time to mingle and discuss with Oleg in more detail. While the IT specialists in the audience learned about the need of open and well documented data as basis for the climate change discussion, those not so familiar with ontologies learned to appreciate their power to describe the complexity of linked data.

The FooCafe is a meeting place for IT-interested people and has events taking place almost every day.

A recording of the presentation will soon be available.