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ICOS Cities

One of the project's key objectives is to develop and evaluate comprehensive city observatories through a suite of in situ GHG measurement technologies.

Photos: Felix Wey and Pascal Rubli, EMPA

The first ICOS Cities data is collected here:
>> ICOS Cities data portal

The measurements provided from work package 3, are one of the critical components to drive and verify newly developed models from work package 2. Further input to the models comes from refined high-resolution emission inventories (temporal and spatial) which are assembled in work package 1.

The inventories themselves provide added value to the stakeholders and are key to monitoring and verifying the climate action plans from the cities. In addition within work package 1, we develop, a cross-city comparative methodology and questionnaire that will illuminate the human dimension of this topic.

On board is the European Social Survey Research Infrastructure to provide the expertise, ethical guidelines and reassurance to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation.

WorkPackage 1: City needs and data for services with impact

The first updated emission inventories are assembled, but not yet publicly available. The data sets are internally available as input to GRAM/GRAL and the LES models (WP2).

(updated 2022-12-19)

WorkPackage 2: Modelling

No results available yet.

(updated 2022-12-19)

WorkPackage 3: Observations

The first campaign datasets from Zurich and Paris are available. For the time being,  they are within an embargo time. 

(updated 2022-12-19)



EU flagPAUL, Pilot Applications in Urban Landscapes - Towards integrated city observatories for greenhouse gases (ICOS Cities), has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No 101037319.