This FAQs page for ICOS Science Conference 2022 will be periodically updated as and when more information and/or instructions are released.

On this page:

When and where?

ICOS Science Conference 2022 will take place on 13th-15th September 2022 at TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands. The event is fully hybrid, meaning remote participation for both presenters and attendees is welcome.

Is the venue accessible?

TivoliVredenburg is fully accessible to visitors with mobility requirements. Further information about the venue can be found here: https://www.icos-cp.eu/venue 

How do I register?

Click here to register for the ICOS Science Conference 2022.
The participant registration is organised through a platform called Oxford Abstracts. In order to get access to the registration form, the participant needs to create an account on the platform. We recommend you use your professional email address to create this (note: if you already have an account on the platform, for example because you have also submitted an abstract for the conference, please do not create a new account).

How much does it cost to participate?

  • 370€ for in-person participation at Tivoli, Utrecht
  • 190€ for carbon-friendly virtual participation

When registering, you can also purchase conference dinner tickets and excursions to ICOS stations. For more information on the participation fees, please see our registration information page.

Do you accept any other registration payment options (such as invoices)?

At this moment, we are not accepting alternative payment methods (eg. invoices). All payments (registration, conference dinner, excursions) must be made through Oxford Abstracts. The payment system Stripe is used to handle registrations. Where necessary, you may need to ask your host organisation or institution if they have a credit or debit card which could be used to register.

Another option which attendees have had some success with is paying the registration fee using their personal card, and then seeking a refund from their institution. Oxford Abstracts, the system used to register for the conference, produces a detailed receipt after completing a purchase. 

I can pay by card, but I will need an invoice with my institute's VAT number, etc, on it. How can I obtain this?

When registering using Oxford Abstracts, please enter the necessary invoicing details (company address, VAT number, etc) in the 'institution' field. Once you have paid for and completed your registration, you can download a PDF receipt containing all your registration information.

Does ICOS provide financial assistance to presenters?

ICOS does not provide funds for presenters to register for the conference or travel to Utrecht. You may wish to contact private funding institutions for this kind of assistance, eg travel grants.

When is the deadline for registering as an attendee?

In-person registration will remain open even on the first day of the conference (13th September 2022), provided there are still tickets available. Capacity at TivoliVredenburg as strictly limited.
Virtual registration will remain open for the duration of the conference. There is no limit to the number of virtual attendees.

When is the deadline for registering as a presenter?

All presenters, both virtual and in-person, must register by the August 9th 2022, 23:59 CEST. This is essential to finalise the programme for our venue and conference partners.

What is the deadline for uploading my slides/poster?

All poster presenters, both virtual and in-person, must upload their or PDF poster (poster presenters) by 30th August 2022, 23:59 CEST.

Uploading oral presentations is also mandatory, upload date TBC.

More instructions on preparing and uploading your presentation can be found here: https://www.icos-cp.eu/news-and-events/science-conference/icos2022sc/instructions 

My presentation/poster won't be ready by 30th August - what can I do?

If your presentation won't quite be ready by 30th August 2022, we strongly suggest you upload a draft version by this date. Once you have uploaded your draft presentation, you should receive a 'successful upload' message containing a link to edit your submission. 

Submissions can be edited until 5th September 2022, 23:59 CEST, so long as a draft copy was uploaded by 30th August 2022.

May I attend the conference if I am affiliated with a Russian or Belarussian institution?

To show our support for Ukraine and in accordance with current European sanctions, ICOS ERIC will not accept any payment of ICOS Science Conference 2022 registration fees from Russian or Belarusian institutions paid on behalf of researchers based at or affiliated with them. This applies to both virtual and in-person participation options. Already paid fees will be directly and completely donated to the UN Crisis Relief Fund for Ukraine

I sent in an abstract but haven’t heard back yet. Did you review my submission?

All decision letters have been sent. Please note that these were sent to the email address marked as the sender when you sent us your abstract. If you cannot see any decision letter, please check your spam or junk folders and ensure your email provider or institute email is not blocking @icos-ri.eu emails.

Can I attend the conference dinner and/or an excursion if I choose to attend the conference in a virtual capacity?

Of course! Attending the conference virtually does not prevent you from physically attending the dinner or an excursion. When selecting the virtual participation option in Oxford Abstracts, you can choose a dinner and/or excursion ticket.

Why can I only choose one excursion?

All excursions will take place on 16th September 2022 concurrently. Since each excursion lasts roughly a full day it is not possible to attend more than one excursion.

What’s the difference between an excursion and a side event?

Excursions are trips to ICOS stations and activities organised especially for the ICOS Science Conference 2022. Tickets are purchasable upon registering for the conference. Side events are conferences or activities taking place in and around Utrecht near the time of ICOS Science Conference 2022. They may be of interest to visitors planning to spend a little longer in the Netherlands. Information related to both excursions and side events can be found here.