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This page summarises the major data products offered by ICOS. These datasets are offered as collections of data and are released under the ICOS CC4BY licence. After the upcoming data releases in 2020 this page will also list ICOS level 1 and NRT data products from the ecosystem and ocean domains. All individual data objects offered by ICOS can be browsed through the main ICOS Carbon Portal data app.

Elaborated Data Products (Level 3)

Anthropogenic CO2 emissions for Europe adjusted for the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic by using daily factors based on sector- and country-specific emissions read from

Ensemble of inverse modelling estimates of European CO2 fluxes for 2006-2015 as part of the EUROCOM inversion intercomparison; monthly fluxes; 0.5 deg. x 0.5 deg.; Supplementary material for Monteil et al., 2019,