Drought-2018 ecosystem eddy covariance flux product for 52 stations in FLUXNET-Archive format

Drought 2018 Team and ICOS Atmosphere Thematic Centre: Drought-2018 atmospheric CO2 Mole Fraction product for 48 stations (96 sample heights), doi:10.18160/ERE9-9D85, 2020.

This is the release of the observational data product for eddy covariance fluxes at 52 stations in the ecosystem domain, part of them outside the ICOS network, from the Drought-2018 team and covering the period 1989-2018. The data are in the standard format used for the ICOS L2 ecosystem products and also used by other regional networks like AmeriFlux. The processing has been done using the ONEFlux processing pipeline (https://github.com/icos-etc/ONEFlux) and is fully compliant and integrable with the FLUXNET2015 release (https://fluxnet.fluxdata.org/) and other datasets processed with the same pipeline (AmeriFlux, ICOS L2)

Net Ecosystem Exchange Preview

Station height 1
The drought-2018 network of ecosystem stations