ICOS Near Real-Time (Level 1) Atmospheric Greenhouse Gas Mole Fractions of CO2, CO and CH4, growing time series starting from latest Level 2 release


Near Real-Time (NRT, Level 1) data is not the final highest quality ICOS data. This data is generated using only completely automated quality control procedures. These NRT time series are generated within 24 hours after measurement and will not be updated later using improved information or become completed with missing data. For your analysis and publications we recommend to use the final completely quality controlled and flagged (Level 2) data that is released with a delay between 6-12 months, that includes all corrections and maximum completion of missing data, also listed in our data products catalog.


Near Real-Time growing time series containing data from the atmospheric network of ICOS Research Infrastructure for the stations Gartow, Hohenpeißenberg, Hyltemossa, Ispra, Jungfraujoch, Křešín u Pacova, Lindenberg, Monte Cimone, Norunda, OPE, Pallas, Puy de Dome, SMEAR II (Hyytiälä), Svartberget, Torfhaus, Trainou, and Zeppelin Observatory. This collection contains the NRT hourly averaged data for the mole fractions of CO2, CO and CH4, measured at the relevant vertical levels of the measurements stations, starting from the latest date of final released Level 2 data or the date of labelling. All stations follow the ICOS Atmospheric Station specification V1.3 (https://www.icos-ri.eu/fetch/ba12290c-3714-4dd5-a9f0-c431b9900ad1;1.0) and are certified as ICOS atmospheric stations Class I or II. Data processing has been performed as described in Hazan et al., 2016 (doi:10.5194/amt-9-4719-2016).

Data licence: CC4BY CC4BY logo

CO2 Preview

Station height 1 height 2 height 3 height 4 height 5

CH4 Preview

Station height 1 height 2 height 3 height 4 height 5

CO Preview

Station height 1 height 2 height 3 height 4 height 5
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