ICOS RI Blog - The ocean carbon sink from SOCAT and SOCOM


Dorothee Bakker, Kim Currie, Peter Landschützer, Are Olsen and Christian Rödenbeck on the SOCAT and SOCOM event on 7 September 2015 at the SOLAS Open Science Conference in Kiel, Germany.

Director's Corner - Cooperation in a competitive world


A few weeks ago I had the honour to open the kickoff meeting of the cluster project ENVRIplus. In my speech I used game theory to explain cooperation in a competitive world. It was a response to a colleague’s remark that cooperatively seeking for common solutions among or inside research infrastructures is a naive do-gooder’s undertaking in a shark pool. Indeed, if we follow game theory we can come to the conclusion that being always cooperative is not the most successful strategy.

Director’s Corner - Infrastructures and world-class research


“Research Infrastructures of pan-European relevance provide unique opportunities for world-class research and training as well as to stimulate knowledge and technology transfer, in brief for European capacity building.” (ESFRI Roadmap document)

Research Infrastructures that have been identified during the ESFRI roadmap process should have a lot of properties. One of them that is always stressed is scientific excellence. However:

What is excellent science? Can we manage excellence?