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When and where will the conference take place?

ICOS Science Conference 2024 takes place in Versailles, France, and online. The conference venue is the Palais des Congrès, Versailles. The conference will take place 10th-12th September 2024.

When will registration open?

Registration is now open! You can register here. Registration and payments are handled by the conference-organising platform Oxford Abstracts.

How much will registration cost?

The registration fees are:

  • In-person: €490 (including entry to the icebreaker event on 9th September 2024, and lunches and coffee breaks across the 3 conference days
  • Online: €200

When will I find out about the abstract results?

Abstract submitters have been informed of the evaluation results by email. If you did not receive an email, please ensure you check the inbox you used when registering an account with Oxford Abstracts, as well as any junk or spam folders.

Can I participate remotely?

Yes! ICOS Science Conference 2024 is a fully hybrid event. Both oral and poster presenters will be able to deliver their presentations using our online conference platform. All questions will be handled using the chat function – this gives equal weight to online and in-person attendees. You also won’t miss out on the vendor exhibition as vendors will also host virtual vendor booths.

Do you provide a discounted registration fee for students / early career researchers?

ICOS ERIC does not provide any kinds of registration discounts or entry waivers. We suggest that you apply to your host institution for funding. Alternatively, you may wish to apply to an external body for travel support. We have collected some travel grant options:

What is the format of a session at ICOS Science Conference?

Abstracts will be presented either as an oral presentation or a poster presentation. The format of each presentation will be determined in our double anonymous abstract evaluation process. Each submitted abstract will be evaluated by the session conveners, and based on the received score your abstract will be accepted to be either an oral presentation or a poster presentation. You will be notified about the result of the abstract evaluation in June 2024, and then you will know whether your abstract has been accepted to the conference as an oral or as a poster presentation. We ask for your preference on the presentation format in the abstract submission form, but please note that submitting your abstract with oral preference does not guarantee that your presentation is actually scheduled as oral presentation.

When is the deadline for registering as an attendee?

The deadline for presenter registration and uploading of your presentation is August 28th 2024, 23:59 CEST. For more information on uploading your presentation, please check our Instructions for Presenters page

For non-presenting attendees, in-person registration will remain open throughout the duration of the conference. It will be possible to register on-site, provided we have space in the venue.

Virtual registration will remain open for the duration of the conference. There is no limit to the number of virtual attendees.

Can I participate if I have a Russian or Belarusian academic affiliation?

ICOS ERIC wholly condemns the Russian Federation’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, as well as the participation in the conflict of the Republic of Belarus. ICOS ERIC will not accept any payment of ICOS Science Conference 2024 registration fees from Russian or Belarusian institutions paid on behalf of researchers based at or affiliated with them.

In addition, ICOS ERIC wishes to acknowledge the scientific contributions of Russian and Belarusian scientists whose individual views of the war cannot be freely expressed in their native countries. With that in mind, abstracts which contain Russian or Belarusian co-authors and their stated affiliations will be accepted during our abstract submission process.

It is the express wish of ICOS ERIC to be able to collaborate with the Russian and Belarusian scientific community in the future under altogether peaceful and collaborative global circumstances.