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10 Jun 2020

Both Head Office and Carbon Portal are welcoming new team members this summer to support the ICOS community in various fields.

Maiju Tiiri appointed as ICOS Observation Network Officer …

13 May 2020

Integrated Carbon Observation System, ICOS, is the first to release results of a scientific study that shows a large reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in seven European cities during the…

24 Apr 2020

First published in 24.04.2020

Translations of this text are available: Nederlands, Français, Deutsch, Suomi, Italiano, Czech

Werner Kutsch, Alex Vermeulen and Ute Karstens

9 Apr 2020

The oceans twilight zone, the dimly lit part between the sunlit surface and the dark abyss is home to mysterious ways of life. In a recent Nature comment an international group of scientists…

9 Apr 2020

ICOS continues to prepare its ICOS Science Conference 2020 in September in the Netherlands, in the hopes that the virus situation develops favourably. Decision on whether the conference is face-to…

24 Mar 2020

ICOS is now looking for a full-time Communications Trainee for summer 2020. You will be based in the Head Office in Kumpula, Helsinki, and report to the Head of Communications at ICOS.

17 Mar 2020

A study has found that contemporary managed forest landscape in northern Sweden acts as a carbon sink even after accounting for carbon loss due to logging. This study was the first of its kind to…

11 Mar 2020

Thanks to the efforts of the Drought-2018 analysis team and the RINGO project,  ICOS now offers through the Carbon Portal two unique long-term datasets with homogeneous historic observational CO2…

2 Mar 2020

ICOS ERIC is looking for a:

Science Integration Officer (SIO)

The science integration officer shall form a comprehensive view of the ongoing and emerging research based on ICOS data…

2 Mar 2020

To coordinate and develop the ICOS observation network, we are now looking for:

Observation Network Officer

The observation network officer will work in Unit 2 – Operations and support…