CHE and VERIFY joint assembly shows large progress in GHG budget modelling
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The H2020-funded projects CHE and VERIFY held a joint General Assembly between the 12th and 14th of March 2019 at ECMWF in Reading, UK. The meeting consisted of discussions on CHE and VERIFY work packages, collaboration opportunities, external lectures and working groups. Both projects made tremendous progress in their first year. Thanks to the projects now ICOS and pre-ICOS data is in full use to inform us using model-data fusion on the greenhouse gas budget of Europe. An example preliminary result is the below analysis of the ecosystem uptake of CO2 from the MPI-BGC Jena CarboScope-Regional inversion framework for the years 2006-2017, produced in the framework of VERIFY, based on mainly ICOS and pre-ICOS atmospheric observations

NEE analysis using the Carboscope-Regional inversion framework

Both CHE and VERIFY will develop pre-operational systems that will inform society on the state of the carbon balance based on observations. CHE is focusing on human emissions of CO2 and fusion of in-situ and satellite observations into a COPERNICUS services, while VERIFY focuses on the most important greenhouse gases and also is concerned with natural emissions and the response of ecosystems to ongoing climate change.

At the CHE website you can find a more elaborate summary of the meeting.