ICOS Cities Talks in 2022

07 February 2022
ICOS Cities talks spring 2022

This year, there is a bunch of interesting ICOS Cities Talks webinars coming up. The February talk will focus on how to make 100 European cities climate-neutral by 2030. The European Commission official Matthew Baldwin will describe the systemic transformation of 100 cities towards climate neutrality.

The roles of design in long-term sustainability city transformations is the topic for the March talk. In Australia, researchers have envisioned possibilities for the physical form and urban lifestyles of Australian cities in 2040, on the assumption that they achieve at least an 80% reduction target in greenhouse gas emissions. Together with Sustainability Scientist & Design Researcher İdil Gaziulusoy, we will get familiar with the Australian research and engagement program developing visions, scenarios and pathways for transforming Australian cities to achieve rapid decarbonisation.

Among the talks this spring is also ‘Urban radiocarbon’ with Jocelyn Turnbull, PhD Geological Sciences & Senior Research Scientist. Soon we will announce the other talks for this year.

Do you have ideas for future topics? We want to know! Shoot us an email at icos-comms@icos-ri.eu