Abstract submission to ICOS Science Conference 2020

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ICOS invites researchers and scientists from around the world to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentation at our fourth Science Conference in Utrecht, ther Netherlands. The abstract submission to the 4th ICOS Science Conference is closed.


The conference welcomes abstract submissions following the overall theme Knowledge for shaping the future – understanding our earth's biogeochemical processes:

  • Vulnerability of the Carbon Cycle
    • Learning from extremes – integrating measurements and modelling for process understanding
    • Emerging mechanisms of ecosystem functioning in a warmer and drier world
  • Urban observations and detection of human emission
  • Fluxes at the land-ocean-atmosphere continuum
  • Innovation and uncertainty in observation, analysis and budgeting techniques
    •  Laser scanning technologies for innovative forest monitoring
    • The use of mobile emissions quantification for emissions quantification and mitigation
    • Soil GHG exchange – from techniques to data analysis (past, present and future)
    • Estimating uncertainties of ICOS measurement data and their implication for the uncertainty of European (and global) GHGs budgeting
  • Carbon exchange between atmosphere and reservoirs with long-term storage potential – research, monitoring and verification
  • Budgets, trends, and controls of GHG  and other atmospheric constituents
    • Estimating CO2 fluxes and their climatic controls based on atmospheric and oceanic data
    • Using the ICOS network as anchor stations for investigating fluxes of reactive gases and aerosols in terrestrial ecosystems
    • Towards more constrained methane budgets
  • Bridging remote sensing and in situ measurements of GHG and related observations
  • Education tools and methods