ICOS Cities Network

ICOS Cities network

15 cities involved in Europe

3 pilot cities: Paris, Zurich and Munich

To test the feasibility of different modelling approaches in various areas, three cities of different size have been selected as pilots: Paris (large), Munich (medium) and Zürich (small)

12 additional cities in Europe

To increase the impact and to make sure the concept developed will fit for different types of cities in different countries and landscapes, 12 other cities – Antwerp, Athens, Barcelona, Basel, Brno, Copenhagen, Heidelberg, Helsinki, Krakow, Porto, Rome and Rotterdam - are also joining the city network

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EU flagPAUL, Pilot Applications in Urban Landscapes - Towards integrated city observatories for greenhouse gases (ICOS Cities), has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No 101037319.