Other services

Besides presenting free access to ICOS data, the Carbon Portal develops services for visualization, analysis and management of data, as well as support for co-operation in a Virtual Research Environment (VRE). External developers of applications based on ICOS data are welcome to present their data service through the Carbon Portal. Several visualizations tools are at the moment already implemented, e.g. in the preview of the data search results.

STILT footprint tool

An on-line tool for analysis of the source area (footprint) and the contribution of natural and anthropogenic sources to the atmospheric CO2 concentrations. The tool has two active parts: The STILT on demand calculator; and STILT viewer. The on demand calculator allows you to run the simulation tool for any point within Europe and add the results to the data-list available in the viewer for visualization. Under ‘About the STILT footprint’ you can read more about the tool.

Virtual Research Environment (VRE)

Jupyter Notebook: a Web based tool for shared, interactive and transparent data analysis and model application.

Data management

DOI minting: A service to give ICOS related data a Permanent Identifier (PID). With this tool you can submit data-files relevant for ICOS and define your dataset with a permanent DOI through DateCite. NOTE: this tool is only available for ICOS defined products. The service can only be accessed through login on the CP user account.

ICOS metadata: This service gives an overview of the metadata instances that are active at the moment in the CP database. The instances are described and presented as if it is possible to edit the instances, but this function is not active.

Station information

Station labelling process: List of ICOS stations with overview of  the so-called labelling/accreditation status. All measurement stations have to go through the certification process, checking that all measurements follow the ICOS standard methods.

The Carbon Portal Explains

Besides making ICOS data accessible, the Carbon Portal presents so-called elaborated products and services based on the ICOS data. On these pages we explain the background and ideas of the products and services.