NUBICOS aims to consolidate ICOS for the future

Izana station in Spain

Faced with all too frequent crises induced by climate change like droughts, wildfires and floods, the need for high-quality science that serves society is more acute than ever. Over the past 15 years, ICOS has developed from an implementation phase to today’s operational phase facilitating frontier research on greenhouse gas (GHG) observations. ICOS provides advanced services and scientific evidence for knowledge-based policy decisions in Europe. Beyond Europe, ICOS is a globally recognised environmental Research Infrastructure within the ESFRI framework. But rather than rest of its laurels, ICOS is looking to the future at how to better support climate action.

New Users for a Better Integrated Carbon Observation System (NUBICOS) is a 4-year Horizon Europe project whose main goal is to improve the sustainability of ICOS by streamlining data pipelines and strengthening community engagement by including new members. Coordinated by ICOS and containing 11 participants, NUBICOS will work with new users for ICOS data from satellite and modelling communities and prepare products for policymakers. The project will also produce new protocols and processes which are required for the new GHG initiative coordinated by World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) – the Global Greenhouse Gas Watch (G3W).

Key Objectives

NUBICOS will focus on four specific objectives:

  1. The cooperation between ICOS and the remote sensing community will be deepened.
  2. The value chain from observations to climate services will be improved.
  3. The internal engagement of ICOS and the identity of the ICOS community will be strengthened.
  4. The global cooperation of ICOS, particularly in the WMO framework, will be intensified.

Throughout the project, ICOS will share the latest news and events related to NUBICOS developments. NUBICOS news will be shared on the project website.