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Dear Jupyter Notebook user, 

ICOS Carbon Portal is the ICOS data centre and responsible for storing and disseminating the ICOS data. We have developed the Jupyter Solutions to provide you with an easy-access platform for visualizing and exploring our data, to collaborate with your colleagues, and to explain climate-related environmental processes. We hope you have enjoyed using Jupyter Notebooks and/or Jupyter Hub as much as we at Carbon Portal have enjoyed building it. We offer you this short questionnaire to give us your feedback and share your thoughts about the service. We would like to hear if you find it useful, what works for you and what doesn’t, and develop the services further based on the findings. It takes only 5-10 minutes of your time, thank you for participating!

Kind regards, 

Jupyter Solutions team
ICOS ERIC Carbon Portal and ICOS ERIC Head Office


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Background questions
My affiliations is
I use ICOS Carbon Portal Jupyter Hub and/or Jupyter Notebooks because
You can choose several options above
I heard about the ICOS Carbon Portal Jupyter services from
ICOS Jupyter Hub/Notebooks
I base my work on
You can choose several options above
ICOS Data Access
I have heard about the Python direct access to ICOS data

ICOS python libraries: https://pypi.org/search/?q=icoscp

I have installed the ICOS Python libraries on my own computer
I access ICOS data through
ICOS Carbon Portal Webinars
I attended a Carbon Portal Webinar

More information about the webinars: https://www.icos-cp.eu/cp-webinar

I am familiar with the Jupyter documentation

ICOS Carbon Portal Jupyter Solutions documentation: https://icos-carbon-portal.github.io/jupyter/

The Jupyter documentation is clear
The Jupyter documentation is easy to find
Jupyter results

We are interested in seeing what you have accomplished using the Jupyter Hub and the Jupyter Notebooks. ICOS Carbon Portal and ICOS ERIC Head Office would be happy to promote the results to the rest of the ICOS community. 

Almost done!
Thank you for your time!