Drought-2018 data available at Carbon Portal

11 March 2020
CO2 mole fraction at station Schauinsland in the period 1972-2018

Thanks to the efforts of the Drought-2018 analysis team and the RINGO project,  ICOS now offers through the Carbon Portal two unique long-term datasets with homogeneous historic observational CO2 flux and concentration data from 52 ecosystem and 48 atmosphere ICOS and non-ICOS stations, with information going back to as early as 1971 for atmospheric station Schainsland and 1995 for ecosystem stations like Hyytiäla, Vielsalm, Brasschaat and Loobos.

The datasets can be accessed through the also new page of Main Data Products at https://www.icos-cp.eu/dataproducts that contains links to all major data products available at Carbon Portal from ICOS and its community. From there one can download the complete collections in one click or continue to a dedicated product page to browse the dataset through previews and select parts of the collections using the CP portal app.  These dedicated product pages are also the landing page of the DOIs that are minted for the two datasets.

The atmosphere dataset partly overlaps for already labelled ICOS stations with the current final quality controlled Level-2 ICOS data set, that goes back to September 2015 for some stations, for the overlapping periods the highest quality Level-2 data was used in the Drought-2018 dataset. So by combining the Drought-2018 data with the expanding ICOS Level 2 and near real time datasets, ICOS now provides up-to-date and continuous data sets that also cover the pre-ICOS period.

The Drought-2018 atmosphere and ecosystem data sets are released under the same CC4BY licence that ICOS uses. So usage of this dataset requires proper attribution and use of the citation string including the DOI of the dataset.

For the Drought-2018 ecosystem dataset the citation string is:

Drought 2018 Team and ICOS Ecosystem Thematic Centre: Drought-2018 ecosystem eddy covariance flux product for 52 stations in FLUXNET-Archive format, doi:10.18160/YVR0-4898, 2020

For the Drought-2018 atmosphere dataset the citation string is:

Drought 2018 Team and ICOS Atmosphere Thematic Centre: Drought-2018 atmospheric CO2 Mole Fraction product for 48 stations (96 sample heights), doi:10.18160/ERE9-9D85, 2020

The Drought-2018 initiative will result in a special issue with 14 papers in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B journal, that will appear this summer.