ObsPack GLOBALVIEWplus v1.0 released

26 January 2016

On the last of July the ObsPack data product GLOBALVIEWplus V1.0 has been released. It has been prepared by Ken Masarie (NOAA) and Ingrid van der Laan-Luijkx (ICOS Carbon Portal/Wageningen University).
In this ObsPack data product concentration measurements of CO2 are bundled from 205 measurement stations worldwide. 12 of these stations are potential ICOS stations. GLOBALVIEWplus is a data product tailored for scientific modellers that use it in carbon cycle modelling studies.
GLOBALVIEWplus and its predecessor data products have been used in more than 45 peer reviewed scientific papers thus far! ObsPack data products are free to download from the NOAA website:
Before the download the user promises in a fair use statement to give credits to the data providers in case that the data is actually used in some product or publications and will cite the product properly. This is an important model for how the use of ICOS data will also work in the future.
The new GLOBALVIEWplus ObsPack has already been downloaded by 40 groups worldwide in the first 1.5 months after it’s release. Among the users are groups from NASA, meteorological and research institutes, and universities.