ICOS L2 release of atmospheric data for all 11 labeled stations

03 September 2018
Zoomed in data for 3 stations for a short period in summer 2018

The first full Level 2 (final quality controlled observational) data from the atmospheric network has been released on 24 August 2018 by the ICOS Atmosphere Thematic Center. The data concerns the stations Gartow, Hohenpeißenberg, Hyltemossa, Jungfraujoch, Křešín u Pacova, Norunda, OPE, Puy de Dome, SMEAR, Svartberget, and Zeppelin Observatory.

Carbon Portal minted a DOI for the complete collection of this release that contains the final quality controlled hourly averaged data for the mole fractions of CO2, CO and CH4 and meteorological observations measured at the relevant vertical levels of the measurements stations, and where available 14C in CO2 in two-weekly integrated samples, for the years 2016-2018.

The data can be found and previewed through this search query at the Carbon portal. The data should be cited as:

Colomb, A., Conil, S., Delmotte, M., Heliasz, M., Hermannsen, O., Holst, J., Keronen, P., Komínková, K., Kubistin, D., Laurent, O., Lehner, I., Levula, J., Lindauer, M., Lunder, C., Lund Myhre, C., Marek, M., Marklund, P., Mölder, M., Ottosson Löfvenius, M., Pichon, J.-M., Plaß-Dûlmer, C., Ramonet, M., Schumacher, M., Steinbacher, M., Vítková, G., Weyrauch, D. and Yver-Kwok, C.: ICOS Atmospheric Greenhouse Gas Mole Fractions of CO2, CH4, CO, 14CO2 and Meteorological Observations 2016-2018, final quality controlled Level 2 data, , doi:10.18160/rhkc-vp22, 2018.