Two new ICOS positions in Bergen

27 October 2016

University of Bergen is currently advertising for two new ICOS related engineer positions based at the Geophysical Institute in Bergen.

First vacancy is for a permanent position as a Chief Engineer which will be financed by external projects.

For the first five years the position will be financed and linked to the Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS) which is in Norway financed by the Norwegian Research Council.

The engineer will have the technical responsibility for implementing the ocean component of ICOS-Norway, Norwegian Marine ICOS.

For the time being, this measurement network consists of four instruments for measuring CO2 partial pressure (pCO2) in surface water, mounted on board research and cargo vessels.

It is expected that a Chief Engineer will be installing pCO2 instruments on board in different vessels, contributing to the development of maintenance routines and making sure that these routines are followed up and documented.

He/She will be also train personnel on the various vessels which are part of the Norwegian Marine ICOS so that they can perform simple emergency repairs on pCO2 instruments.

Other work tasks include daily supervision and quality control of data produced at the lines as well as service and repair of pCO2 instruments.

Closing date for applications is 18 May 2016.

For more information about the position visit:

Detailed information can be also obtained from Assistant Professor Are Olsen, Professor Truls Johannessen, or Senior Engineer Tor de Lange.

Second advertised position is for a Chief Engineer (OTC analysis) also based at the UiB's Geophysical Institute in Bergen.

For the first five years this permanent position will be financed and linked to the ICOS Ocean Thematic Centre which is also financed by the Norwegian Research Council. 

It is expected that the main work tasks for this position will be to validate and quality control ICOS’s marine measurement network and also design, plan launching, and perform calibration of instrumentation.

Furthermore, Chief Engineer (OTC analysis) will plan and perform internal calibration tests of central ICOS approved instrumentation and simultaneously test new promising instrumentation.

He/She will also arrange workshops where development, maintenance, quality control and use are key subjects as well as train others in the use of central instrumentation used in ICOS’ ocean network. 

Closing date for applications is 14 May 2016.

For more information visit:

Detailed information about this UiB position can also be obtained by contacting Professor Truls Johannessen or Senior Engineer Tor de Lange.