5 open positions at the ICOS Head Office

27 October 2016

The following positions are offered in the ICOS ERIC Head Office:

1. Coordinating Management Officer (CMO, 100 %) Responsible for the overall management and administration issues in ICOS Head Office, including supervision of all financial activities within the ICOS ERIC and monitoring the performance of Central Facilities and stations against contractual agreements. Acts as a secretary of the General Assembly meetings and supervises the preparation of all necessary administrative documents.

2. Assistant (100 %) Carrying out the basic day-to-day administrational tasks and assists officers and Director General in organisation of meetings and conferences, in financial issues e.g. in reporting, in travel organisation.

3. Communication Coordinator (CC, 100 %) Responsible for ICOS RI communication and outreach, collaboration with other ICOS RI bodies and Focal Points of the ICOS National Networks in media communication, management of the ICOS RI website.

4. Coordinating Development Officer (CDO, 100 %) Oversees scientific activities and assists strategic planning, coordinates network design, extension of the networks and liaisons with new members, supervises HO tasks in data policy issues and supports the development of a data citation system, organizes ICOS science conferences.

5. Scientific Integration and Liaison Officer (SILO, 50 %, can be increased on project funding) Represents ICOS HO in international programs (e.g. GEO, Future Earth, JPI Climate, ...) and assists DG in tasks related to international research programs affairs, supports the production of synthesis activities of ICOS data with the Carbon Portal.

The closing date for applications is 27. October 2015 at 15.45 local Helsinki time.

Further information about ICOS in general can be obtained from this website, about the Head Office organization from the respective concept document.

Read more about the positions, requirements, salaries and how to apply here.