ICOS Carbon Portal is hiring: two open positions. Apply before 23 April!

28 March 2019

ICOS Carbon Portal at Lund University is hiring. Two open positions for people with a heart for FAIR data to work in the brand new ENVRI-FAIR project.

ICOS Carbon Portal at Lund University is looking for a project officer for analysis and development of environmental data services. You will work in the ENVRI-FAIR project (ENVironmental Research Infrastructures building Fair services Accessible for society, Innovation and Research; H2020, 2019-2022). In this project, 13 European Research Infrastructures (RIs) work together to apply the FAIR principles (https://www.force11.org/group/fairgroup/fairprinciples) to their data services. You will work with the project partners to analyse the current FAIRness level of their services, determine the gaps and select the common development targets to close the gaps. 

Apply here for this position: http://alturl.com/qav93 .

ICOS Carbon Portal at Lund University is looking for a project assistant who will work on education and training in the framework of the same ENVRI-FAIR project. Your main tasks in this project will be to inventory training needs within ENVRI-FAIR, to develop new teaching materials related to the conceptual and technological implementation of FAIR research data management, for both classroom teaching and e-learning platforms, as well as to lead related training activities on the application of FAIR principles for future research data management.

Apply here for this position: http://alturl.com/da5qt  

Both are permanent positions. 

Application closes 23 April.