ICOS ERIC welcomes UK as a new member

26 August 2016

At the begining of July United Kingdom has joined ICOS ERIC as the twelfth member of the ICOS RI pan-European network for greenhouse gas observations.

The UK has a strong GHG science community across marine, atmospheric and ecosystem sectors and ICOS ERIC is looking forward to the ICOS UK future contributions to the network, including co-hosting of the ICOS Ocean Thematic Centre with Norway.

ICOS UK has two national Focal Points - Prof. Andrew Watson from College of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Exeter who is National Focal Point for UK-ICOS science community as the liaison and communication point between the National Networks, scientists, funding agencies, other stakeholders and ICOS ERIC and Professor Richard Sanders from National Oceanography Centre, Southampton who is National Stakeholder Focal Point UK-ICOS with the role to build up a good relationship between the national government and funding agencies and science community.

In this short video Professor Richard Sanders explains UK's role in ICOS ERIC and global GHG observations.