ICOS workshop on strategies to monitor greenhouse gases in urban environments

14 February 2019

Helsinki / Hyytiälä, Finland, July 1 - 4, 2019

Cities are hot spots for anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions - however, cities are also areas where GHG emission reduction efforts will show first and most significant changes in the atmosphere. Developing methods to independently monitor and validate GHG emissions from cities is critical now after the 2018 UN Climate Change Conference.

This affects also ICOS, for example, how should and could urban GHG measurements be included in the ICOS continental long-term strategy. Urban GHG measurements have been discussed within the ICOS community for long already and also some initiative actions have been taken. H2020 RINGO project includes work packages and tasks related to this, and an ICOS Urban Working Group has also been established to explore this issue, and to develop strategies and standards for a sustained, long-term monitoring of GHGs in urban areas.

Welcome to the ICOS workshop on strategies to monitor greenhouse gases in urban environments from July 1 to 4, 2019 in Helsinki / Hyytiälä.

This workshop has the goal to define measurement needs and goals, discuss and address challenges of urban monitoring, and work towards a comprehensive roadmap for embedding urban measurements in a coherent and standardised effort within the long-term observation infrastructure of ICOS, considering also how this can contribute to and integrate with other organisations and networks, such as WMO IG3IS.

See the draft agenda

To apply for the workshop held at Hyytiälä Forestry Field station in Finland, please sign-up until March 31, 2019, use the form at University of Helsinki webpages.

Practicalities of the workshop

The workshop will take place at Hyytiälä Forestry Field station and is limited to 20 - 25 participants. All costs are to be covered by participants. Accommodation and food will be approximately 255 euros/person in a double and 285 euros/person in a single room. The food covers breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening snack.

ICOS Finland will support the bus transportation to/from Helsinki/airport. If your schedule does not match with the organized bus transport, you are asked to cover the local transport by yourself. You should plan your schedule to arrive in Helsinki on Monday 1 July before 1 pm and you can book your departure flights from Helsinki 5 pm onwards on Thursday evening.

Several international workshops and summer schools have been organized at Hyytiälä Forestry Field station over the years. We always create a relaxing but inspiring spirit in the meetings. The closest entertainment (pubs etc.) are kilometers away, which guarantees that we are together all the time. The workshop also includes the excursion to the SMEAR II field station, which is an ICOS atmospheric and ecosystem site (see www.atm.helsinki.fi/SMEAR/).

There is an option to participate in a field tour and visit two eddy flux measurement sites in the city of Helsinki (Kumpula and Torni) before or after the workshop. In the registration form you can mark your interest towards the tour and its timing.

In questions, please contact Minttu Havu, University of Helsinki (minttu.havu@helsinki.fi) and CC Leena Järvi (leena.jarvi@helsinki.fi) and Andreas Christen (andreas.christen@meteo.uni-freiburg.de)