ENVRIplus workshop: data identification, tracking and citation; 18 October 2017, DKRZ, Hamburg
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The need for tools to identify, track and cite environmental research data.

Invitation to an ENVRIplus workshop bringing together publishers, PID service providers and environmental research communities

The ENVRIplus project WP 6 invites to a one-day workshop gathering actors involved in developing and offering services for data identification and data citation. The purpose of the workshop is to initiate a dialogue regarding the opportunities and needs of ENVRIplus RIs concerning data citation services and practices. Representatives from the ENVRIplus research communities will also be present at the workshop. The workshop will hopefully be a good opportunity to create and strengthen contacts and to initiate further discussions on both service and tool developments, as well as how to foster best practices of data identification and data citation.

The workshop will be introduced by some examples of use cases from the ENVRIplus RIs, and will be followed by presentations on the following themes: data identification, data tracing and data citation. We invite all participants to give a short presentation on any of the themes, please contact Maria Johnsson, e-mail: maria.johnsson@ub.lu.se , if you are interested.